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Buying land in Turkey is a reliable investment. Land in Turkey will grow in value and your money is not only worthless, but bring profit in the event of subsequent sale.

”Buy land because they are not making it anymore” – Mark Twain said, indicating the main features of the land as an investment – the supply is limited, and usage is eternal.
High inflation and volatility in the stock market make people think about the new sources of savings. The increase in demand for land is observed not only for big investors, but also among individuals. But people have a misconception, that only millionaires can invest in land abroad. But it is not true. Profitable investments in land facilities in Turkey starts just from 4000 € for a plot at just 1000 m from the sea, and only 1000 € if it is 5 km from the sea.

how to build house in turkeyBut this is not just a monetary investment to protect them from inflation, world crises.
Statistics show that the land has always been more expensive over time. We will share our experiences and to suggest an optimal investment.

Our company gives you an opportunity to buy the land in Turkey and build a dream house according to your personal project.

What kind of house it should be? First of all, the house that will be light, comfortable and cozy, the one that meets all your tastes and requirements.

building company in turkey Nowadays the house of your dreams, is a smart modern building. Big enough, warm and practical. This house can be your holiday villa, cottage or even family property.

Our company operates on the principle of so-called closed-cycle to ensure high quality construction and in time delivery. It means that all the stages of how to buy land in turkeyconstruction – from design and preparation of construction sites to furnishing the finished house or cottage, we provide turn-key and fully self-responsible for the results.

We offer you a full range of sale.

Help with paperwork for site, loan processing through the Turkish banks, the services of the architect, etc.

Maximos Real Estate is a licensed joint venture. This means that architects apply to join our company and we select architects based on a set of criteria. All of our architects are experienced in domestic architecture and have undergone a full training programme so you can be sure you will receive high quality, professional advice. Qualified architects will design the house according to your own project or help you to engineer and make a plan of your future dream house.

Taking care of your house and paying bills while you are away.

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