Vacation Activities

1 Antalya city tour
2 Diving
3 Jeep Safari
4 Turkish Bath
5 Horse Riding
6 Rafting
7 Paintball
8 Fishing
9 Boat Trip
10 Disco Tour
11 Turkish Night
12 Aqualand
13 Pamukkale
14 Myra ( Demre )
15 Perge –Aspendos
16 Istanbul




Antalya city tour is a great opportunity to have better acquaintance with the capital of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.
After breakfast you go to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Antalya – Duden waterfall.antalya-2
Then the car will take you to the Old Town, Kaleici. Here, walking through the winding streets, you will see all the major attractions of Antalya: Hadrian’s Gate, the ancient city walls and the Clock Tower, Republican Square and the monument to Ataturk, the city port. You will also visit Antalya’s archeological museum, the exhibition presents historical evidence that city was founded several thousand years ago.kaleici eingang

 After that, you will find one of the city’s restaurants, where the dinner will be served.
At the end of the tour you will visit the shopping center, where you can buy leather goods, textiles and jewelry.





animals 134-1440x900Turkey’s underwater world is extremely rich and varied. Diving in it, you will enjoy a complete entertainment experience and see the underwater world, acquaintance with which will give you a unique joy!0b069462a4
Even if you are absolutely not experienced in diving, professional instructor will certainly teach you the basics of the sport. Also, your first dive will take place under his leadership.





turkey217Jeep safari is one of the most exciting excursions towards Taurus mountains to discover the beauty of nature of Turkey.

You will drive a jeep through breath-taking route of winding roads, where roads are so narrow that 2 vehicles cannot easily pass each other at the same time.

You will enjoy spectacular views of the canyon Koprulu, swim under the roof of a cave in the park, or relax on a wild beach. Lunch will be served to you in the shade of pine trees.



hamam-3If you want to experience something new about SPA, try a Turkish bath – Hamam. It is a place where you not only cleanse your body, but also your mind.
Under typical domed main room there is a huge heated marble slab. Place on it is more convenient, you relax in the warm, moist vapor, preparing your skin for a massage. After the massage, your skin is as soft as silk. After the massage, use a dry towel for the final relaxation you enjoy a cup of tea and oriental sweets in a quiet room. After a visit to a Turkish bath you will feel unusually refreshed and rejuvenated!



jamp01Horse Riding is an inalienable part of Turkish culture. Enjoy riding at the mountain trails, forest paths and valleys filled with colourful fragrant flowers. During the tour you will see beautiful waterfalls, mountain streams, deep canyons, etc.
During the tour you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor of riding. You will receive either an incomparable pleasure of communicating with nature and the amazing animals!
Horse riding lessons are also available!



04Rafting is a competition with rapid currents and steep river rapids!
We invite you to the national park Koprulu Canyon to the river Kepryu, bearing the ancient name Evrimedon. This is really an ideal place for rafting.
At rest when you restore power to the final rapids with foamed water, you will find a delicious barbecued trout or excellent barbecue.



attraktsiony peyntbol 5Holiday in Turkey is a great opportunity not only to spend it under the sun, but also to get rid of the stress accumulated during the long working days. The best remedy for this is a paintball – a popular worldwide sport and exciting entertainment!
This exciting competition between two teams, the essence of which – to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it to their headquarters, while retaining their own. You eliminate opponents by shooting at them with special balls with paint.



15039857f764abb25ba7cd42ceed7ab6If you want to spend a quiet day at the nature, go to the picnic!

You can make fishing and cooking by yourself. Other guests can enjoy from the landscape, charcoal-cooked meals and swimming in crystal clear lakes. Lunch and drinks are included.




antalya yat turlari (5)Holidays in Turkey is good because every day can bring something new and interesting. Going on excursion at a sunny morning on the boat along the Turkish coast, you will enjoy a fascinating and extremely enjoyable day! There are many routes by yacht, it depends on where you want to go, whether it is a beautiful island, ruins of ancient cities, waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, caves …OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

During the trip you will have a great opportunity to sunbathe, swim and enjoy on board delicious

Turkish cuisine.


We are going to the disco!halikarnas3


You may choose to have fun in the evening instead of sleeping! Dance until the dawn accompanied by the most popular pop music in the clubs or live music.



25 Turkish NightTurkish night is a fascinating evening performance, that gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the spirit of the Turkish culture and national traditions.
You will have dinner with the accompaniment of “live” music, enjoy the best Turkish cuisine and a variety of drinks.
After you can enjoy watching traditional belly dance show by the best dancers in the city. Like a harem concubine, they will open you the luxury of the Ottoman era.
And finally, the most striking moment of the evening – the performance of the folklore group, performed a dance you will see traditional rural wedding. If you want, you can join the participants and whirl in a whirlwind of festive fun.



aqualand antalya slide 3Antalya “Aqualand” – the second-largest water park in the country after the park in the city of Adana. In the park, an area of ​​36 000 m2, you can see the numerous attractions, restaurants, cafes, massage rooms, shops and a photo lab. Your children will meet the indescribable joy of attractions, operating in the complex.

You will also find there:
Wave pool (800 m2)
Children’s pool (650 m2)
Swimming pool (450 m2) with a waterfall and grotto surrounded by palm trees
Water slide «BLACK HOLES», consists of 2 closed black pipe, length of 100 m
Water slide «KAMIKADZE» length of 40 meters
Water slide «HYDRO TUBE» closed tube length of 42 meters
Water slide «MULTI SLIDE» 40 m long and up to 4 people1230141329 9

Water slide «GIANT SLIDE» length of 100 m
The boat trip «LAZY RIVER» length of 320 m
Water slide «TWIN TWISTER» 2 closed tubes, length of 100 m
Water slide by boat «CRAZY RIVER» length of 100 m
bumper boats
Jacuzzi and pool bar
All guests Aqualand are free insured.



pamukkale 04a1It is a journey to one of the modern wonders of the world, a fairyland of dazzling white terraces, healing mineral springs and historical monuments.
Over thousands of years the hot mineral water, bursting from the ground, rushing down with a 200-meter cliff, which rises above the plain. Calcium-rich water is gradually crystallized, forming a frozen waterfalls and stepped terraces with plunge pools, filled with healing waters. During the tour you will have the opportunity to swim not only in them, but in the famous Cleopatra’s pool, the waters of which, according to legend, can pamukkale
At the end of II century BC Representatives Attalids dynasty founded the city of Hierapolis, turning it into an important medical center of the ancient world.



Antalya-DemreThis tour combines perfect acquaintance with the ancient history of Anatolia and joy of the sun, sea and the beauty of the Mediterranean nature.
The first part of the tour is a bus trip. You will visit the Mira – one of the six most important Lycian city and a major center of Christianity, whose main attractions are the numerous rock tombs and ancient amphitheater. Next stop is the ancient city of Demre. Here you will see the church of St. Nicholas, who is known all around the world as Santa Claus.
230-2After the lunch, you will join a fascinating yacht trip to the picturesque corner of the local coastline, called Kekova, which includes the island of the same name, the village and the village Yuchagiz Kale, also known as the ancient Lycian city of Simena.




230-1This tour will be interesting especially for history fans. Within the day you will visit the three pearls of the ancient world – the city of Perge, Aspendos and Side, which at the same time played an important role in the country.

Perge was founded by the participants in the Trojan War XII-X centuries BC. Aspendos still has a well-preserved ancient theater, built in the II century AD



Digimax S500 / Kenox S500 / Digimax Cyber 530The city was originally built on the, then navigable river Eurymedon, on the mountain where the acropolis is today. The oldest name of the city we know; Asiawanda (the land of the horses) in the old local Anatolian languages is now very famous for its most intact 2nd C AD Roman Theater and the aqueducts which are a rare feat of engineering. The Theater was built by Zenon one of the most famous architects of the time in the 2nd century AD.20 142006



It has existed at least since 1400 BC and has still kept it’s original name Side, which means pomegranate in the old anatolian Sidetan 300px-Sunrise apollo sidelanguage. This is provided by the coins from the 6th C BC and three records from 3rd C BC. This language has not been deciphered yet two of the only three records found are bilingual. This language was in use until after the invasion of Alexander the Great around 333 BC, when ‘koione’ the common dialect of greek was used.

The last point of your trip is Side – a real open-air museum. Here you will find many historical monuments that have survived till nowadays, despite a series of earthquakes.




istanbul9Istanbul is hot. And we’re not talking about the weather. These days, there are more happening restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs around town than there are exquisite Ottoman mosques (and that’s a lot). The international fashion and design press have been talking up İstanbul ad nauseam, but the most significant thing about the accolade ‘World’s Hippest City’ is that İstanbullus themselves have come believe it. The creeping sense of decrepitude that had fallen like a pall over their once-all-powerful home town has vanished, replaced by a sense of energy and innovation not seen since the days of Süleyman the Magnificent.

istanbul2The city’s over-abundance of important historic buildings and exciting new art galleries and museums provides visitors with more than enough to see during the day, but it’s at night that the place swings into high-velocity, mega-stylish action. Locals are flocking to see and be seen at an ever-growing array of bars, clubs and restaurants, bringing with them an infectious sense of joie de vivre and a discerning ability to judge these places on their standard of service, drinks, music and food as well as their position in the what’s-hot-and-what’s-not stakes.
That’s not to say that the locals are turning their backs on much-loved city institutions such as the rakı-soaked meyhane (tavern) or tranquil çay bahçesi (tea garden), because they wouldn’t dream of doing anything so foolish. They know, after all, that such institutions are one of the reasons that their home is – and always has been – rightfully dubbed the ‘City of the World’s Desire’.