• Province: Istanbul, Megapolisistanbul map
  • Country: Turkey
  • Region: Marmara
  • Population (2010):  13.500.000
  • 2  International City Airports
  • Rich and famous Culture and Tourist destination
  • Exclusive nightlife opportunities
  • Megapolis

Flight distances:

Europe: 2:30 hours

Moscow: 2:15 hours flight

London: 3:30 hours

Antalya: 1 hour

Izmir: 1 hour

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Property in Istanbul is like the one of any megapolis

Istanbul is a huge city, with numerous shops, bars and restaurants and 2 international airports. Istanbul is also a coastal city, within range of many great beaches. This makes the real estate very attractive for holiday-home buyers and investors.

 Istanbul property for sale

But one of the most surprising factors about Istanbul property is the fact that prices are still really low. Because of the historical sites, and cultural diversity, as well as the city setting, Istanbul is a top tourist destination, and property owners can invest very successfully.

In spite of some people’s belief, Istanbul is not the capital city of Turkey. Arguably, it is far more than that: it is the cultural, economic and financial centre of the country.

In such a vast and diverse country as Turkey, which stretches in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the cultural centre is really something worth seeing and experiencing.

It’s not surprising that Istanbul has a huge amount of culinary experiences on offer in its restaurants from around the world, or that it has shops selling nearly everything you could wish. Also it has a rich history, with many international landmarks and attractions to marvel.

All of these factors make Istanbul attractive for overseas buyers. No doubt that investors are also attracted by the potential for residential investments, owing to the massive population growth and rising affluence.

Real Estate in Istanbul

Purchasing an apartment in Istanbul is for sure a good deal for every smart property investor, who will own a property in one of the world’s most dynamic cities that is rated as one of the economically fastest growing cities in the world.

Being locally and internationally called as the financial capital of Turkey, Istanbul always kept its traditional character mixing it succesfully with its growing energy and dynamism. Buying property in Istanbul is very easy with our company, all you need is just to make an inquiry and we will take care about the rest!

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