Avcilar – Istanbul

If you are looking for sea view and lake view property in Istanbul, Avcilar is the region that offers both and moreover close proximity to the city center.
Avcilar is located in Istanbul in the European side in Kucukcekmece at Marmara Sea.



The coast way on the bridge to Avcilar was a very important way during the war when the Ottomans planned to conquer Istanbul they were exiting for Kucukcekmece to increase its population from the Turk nations.
The way to Europe from Istanbul was very important through the history. Many migrants from Greece entered Istanbul and settled down. Since the announcement of the republic of Turkey more than 50 Greek families lived in that land. Later the assets and properties of those Greek people moved to the Turkish military storages. In that region there was a church but it changed to be a mosque. Another mosque has established in 1977. There are many monuments are from the Ottoman such as the hunting lodge for the sultans.

Avcilar Today

Until the middle of the 20th Avcilar was just a small village at the coast with many large open lands and it has developed since 1980 and many industries in this region have developed as well. Especially in the regions which is close from the village of Firuzkoy.
Today the way which leads to Europe witnesses a very rich traffic than ever. The way that leads to Avcilar is the highway which attached to the bridges and the small tunnels.
The apartments in Avcilar with sea views are considered to be expensive. In the middle of the region there are a lot of restaurants shops cinemas and fast food restaurants. The nightlife in Avcilar is something very enjoyable as well.

Istanbul University

One of the universities which is located in Istanbul in Avcilar it includes many departments such as Medicine and the faculty of commerce and many more.


In the past the transportation was difficult before the Metrobus was built which made the transportation services much easier and comfortable for the people in Avcilar.