Blue Flag Award in Antalya

197 beaches of Antalya are awarded with “Blue Flag”!

Blue flag award AntalyaTurkish city on the Mediterranean coast Antalya has set a world record for the number of beaches that are awarded with certificate by International Foundation for Environmental Education.

Antalya has 197 beaches and 6 marinas that are awarded with “Blue Flag” that is issued for water quality, cleanliness and environmental standards.
Regional Coordinator of the “Blue Flag” in Antalya, Lokman Atasoy, noted that the purpose of Antalya region was to keep the flags that were previously awarded to beaches and to increase their number.

how beaches in antalya look like“Tourists, which number in Turkey is becoming more and more are interested in the purity of water and beaches. And they often choose those beaches, which have received an international certificate of environmental cleanliness. In recent years, travel companies are also interested in whether there is a particular Turkish resort beaches marked with “Blue Flag”. It’s not enough that the water is clean, it must be able also proved.”

All the “Blue Flag” beaches are awarded only for one season. If the beach or marina meets the criteria for the season or conditions change, they can deprive the flag.

Besides Turkish beaches and foreigners interested in Turkish real estate. Over the past 11 years, foreigners have invested in Turkish housing, land and commercial real estate $ 25 billion.