Boğaçay Project in Antalya Marina

Boğaçay Project in Antalya Marina

The new project in Antalya Marina is one of the most prestigious projects not only in Turkey, but also in the world. Nowadays the river Boğaçay has an area of 800 km2, the main idea of the project is to deepen the river and to make a yacht port.

Today the river is quite small and dry as the water flows only during infrequent rain. The Konyaalti beach is 7 km long now and thanks to the new project it will become a 40 km long beach together with the Boğaçay Marina project!

Boğaçay Marina project is going to be the global project! Investments in the city will make Antalya more attractive for tourists and investors! The river Boğaçay will be filled with water according to the most massive world’s development projects. Boğaçay and its surrounding area will be the center of attraction, which will influence the touristic life.

Cruise tourism in the port will be integrated into the real life step by step. This major investment, pulling thousands of tourists to the city center will also provide a lot of job opportunities.

Neighborhood of the river Boğaçay is going to be a center of tourists pilgrimage from different corners of the world. In the project it is planned to build the advanced infrastructure, luxury buildings, park, best cafes and restaurants, a river port for yachts, etc.
Real estate purchase in this region will be the most efficient way to invest money!