Construction Company in Turkey offer you 25% gain on Investment per year.

constructionTake part at the amazing growth of values on the property market in Turkey.
We are a construction company placed in the heart of tourism in Turkey. Sea, Beach, Mountain, Waterfalls, Green forests- everything what you look for is in Antalya. Antalya is the most gaining city in Turkey. The property prices are gaining in average about 22.6%. Our construction company offer you to invest with us. Our company is a professional real estate and construction company placed in Antalya, since 10 years, we completed more than 300 Apartments and Villas with westeuropean style.

–           We work with a big and famous lawyer office in Europe, in cooperation with an english speaking Lawyer in Turkey, chairman of laywers bar association in Antalya.

–           We provide you with a professional feasibility study beforehand based on independent institutions about property and land in Turkey and its interesting areas.

–           We welcome you to Antalya or anywhere else in Turkey to introduce you the area, our company and construction.

A construction of 30 Units flats are built in 12 month of Time.
Before construction we set up a contract agreeing with you all details of construction and building phases with guarantee by lawyers in Arabia and Turkey.

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