Esenyurt Istanbul’s new real estate hot spot

Esenyurt- Istanbul’s new real estate hot spot

Property prices began to rise in Istanbul Esenyurt region.

In 2013 the price in Esenyurt region for 1 m2 was approximately 1.600 liras, nowadays in 2015 it is almost double that.
Today the prices in Istanbul city center depending on the region are in general 3-4 times more expensive than the developing Esenyurt region. However both domestic and foreign investors prefer Esenyurt due to its price advantage and combination of high quality building materials and rich infrastructure of the residential compounds. 

Nowadays customers prefer Esenyurt region due to pricing advantage.
Customers who have purchased homes at 1300 dollars per square meter in Esenyurt region are selling these on in their country for 2 thousand dollars.

 Neighbor regions of Esenurt are Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece and Avcilar.
In Esenyurt region there is Istanbul Esenyurt University, as well close to it is Beykent University, Fatih University, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul University and Istanbul Gelişim University.
TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre is only 5 km away from Esenyurt centre, while it is 26 km away from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Shopping facilities are mainly gathered around shopping centers rather than individual shops along the streets. Esenyurt has three shopping centers, which are Eskule Shopping Centre, Torium Shopping Centre and Akbatı AVM.