Experts in Real Estate market in Turkey

The number of foreign property investors is increasing in Turkey while price for the real estate in Turkey are growing and each year the amount of the properties sold to the foreigners is going on to increase.

The annual increase

The property prices in Istanbul has increased in 2015 by 29% according to the statistics from the central bank of Turkey which has witnessed a high increase of property value in the last year.
Istanbul is a leader of the Turkish real estate markets and is the top city for investment and property value growth with each year.
The encouragement of the investment in Turkey.
In the last three years the Turkish government has opened the doors for the foreign investment and made it easier for the investors around the world to come and invest in Turkey especially in the real estate market. Recep Tayyip Erdogan have said that Turkey will be among the top 10 strongest economic countries in the world by 2023, and one of the main supportive reasons for that is the foreign investment.

Secure land

turkey real estate marketEconomically Turkey now became in a perfect level and much better than many other European countries which has made many investors to pay so much attention to it and build their projects on its lands.
Some of investors look at Istanbul as the best and perfect place for the investment and any other city could be risky, the properties in Istanbul pushed Turkey in the highest level economically around the world.


About 40 percent of the population in Istanbul are under the age of 35 which gives a dynamic in working especially for young people because the vast majority are high educated people and most of them are looking for high quality properties and this demand is increasing day after day.

The transformation of the cities

Most of the cities in Turkey have rebuilt their old buildings with new and modern ones with high quality materials and protection from the earthquakes and very high infrastructure.