If you are looking for property in Istanbul downtown, Fatih region will offer you life in a historical region close by Taksim square.
Fatih is a district in Istanbul in 2009 the popular Eminonu has separated and become a part of Fatih district. This district has borders in the North at the golden horn and Marmara Sea in the south.
The name came from the Sultan Mohamed the Conqueror during the Ottoman era. The word Fatih is an Arabic name means the Conqueror. The Fatih mosque has established by Mohamed the second.
After the invasion of Ottomans many Islamic teachers came who converted the churches of Hagia Sophia to mosques. Fatih has been developed because of its workers and then because of the students in its institutions.
In 1586 the main center of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church was in this Fatih.
Fatih Today
Today Fatih contains many popular places such as Aksaray. Capa. And it becomes populated since 1960 especially from the middle-class who settled down in Anatolia. Today Fatih has many worker classes which made it wealthy with many different products.
Fatih also contains many theaters and one of the most popular theater is Resat Nuri also many schools and hospitals and public buildings. Fatih specialized with its longest hospitals in Istanbul such as Haseki Hospital.
There is a tramway which starts from passes to Sultan Hamid and ends to Aksaray which is a part of Fatih.
Many governmental headquarters are in Fatih such as the fire authority.
Fatih has many historical and modern libraries such as Edirnekapi Halk Kutuphanesi and many other libraries.
Fatih is known today as a conservative place and this is because of its religious citizens and its men who are popular with their long beards and heavy coats.

The most popular places in Fatih
Horhor includes a narrow road from Aksaray and it includes many education buildings and very popular restaurants.
The Grand Bazaar
The Spice Bazaar
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