Investment in Turkey

Nowadays Turkey is one of the main destinations for people who want to invest money in property. With its growing economics more and more businessmen are coming to Turkey to buy properties and be sure that their investment is right.

investment in property turkeyThe property market increases so fast in Turkey, that it is placed in top 10 fast emerging countries and the best investment locations through all around the world.

After the new law that allows foreigners to purchase property in Turkey was released, the price for real estate was increased, but still the prices are cheaper than in Europe and the quality requires all European standarts.
Foreign property buyers have already invested over 5 billion euro on property in Turkey during the last five years.

Turkish property market has already so adapted for foreigners, that in some touristic places of Turkey electricity bills are already in English language. And this is clear, as already a quarter of all properties in Antalya city belongs to foreign buyers.

Because of high interest in property in Turkey of foreigners, the coastal real estate has rised. As the European membership is a pending issue of Turkey now, it is considered tob e a growing country with high ponetnial and investment in this country is very popular and reasonable now.

Nowadays Turkey ist he third favourite country for foreigh investors, with its emerging markets and growing level of economics. Turkey is number four in the world in providing the best service, range and oppurtunity for real estate prices and quality.

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