One of the largest regions in Istanbul and most populated one. It is located in the north of Marmara Sea and overlooking the middle of the historical city in the European side at the Bosphorus. It is a region includes many enjoyable places such as cinemas nightclubs shops. Kadikoy is the most popular name in Istanbul in addition of the culture centers.
Kadikoy becomes an independent region in 1928 after it was separated from Uskudar.
It is now located in the border with Uskudar in the Northwestern and Atasehir in the Northeastern and in the southern with Maltepe.


Kadikoy is an old settlement which is considered to be the oldest settlement than the other settlements which are located in the Asian side in Istanbul. This region back to 3500 – 5500 B.C. many monuments such as stones and some bones have been found and most of the monuments back to many different periods of time. The first migrants to this region were from Greece.
Kadikoy witnessed a lot of different historical events started from the Persians passed with Romans Byzantines and Arabs all of those cultures in one place.
A lot of residents lived in Kadikoy from different cultures such as Armenians Greek Jewish Kurds and Turks. In addition it includes many Armenian and Serbian Orthodox churches and synagogue as well.

The Modern Life in Kadikoy

The main station is located in Hydarpasa in the Turkish railway near to Kadikoy which links the east of the city to the west.
Today the transportation in Kadikoy have developed and made the destinations between the neighbor cities from The European to the Asian side. Many buses are exist which can be found all over the city.

The numbers of the public buses

4 Kadıköy-Bostancı ring (via Bağdat Avenue)
8A West Ataşehir
10B Bostancı
10M Ümraniye
14 Yenidoğan
14B Birlik Mahallesi
14C Üsküdar State Hospital
14ÇK Şahinbey
14S Sultanbeyli
15 Siteler
15BK Beykoz
16 Pendik (via Bağdat Avenue)
16D Kaynarca
19F Yeditepe University
19K Kayışdağı Mahallesi
19M Ataşehir via Ataşehir Boulevard.
20D Dudullu Barem
20K Kazım Karabekir
20Ü Tepeüstü (Ümraniye)
21A Kartal
21U Uğur Mumcu
130 Deniz Harp Okulu (Tuzla)
130A Tuzla
222 Pendik (via Bağdat Avenue)
E-10 Sabiha Gökçen Airport
ER1 Ring Erenköy (passes through Bağdat Avenue)
ER2 Ring Erenköy (passes through Bağdat Avenue)
FB1 Ring Fenerbahçe (passes through west point of Bağdat Avenue)
FB2 Ring Fenerbahçe (passes through west point of Bağdat Avenue)
GZ1 Ring Göztepe (passes through Bağdat Avenue)
GZ2 Ring Göztepe (passes through Bağdat Avenue)


M4 Kadıköy-Kartal (extension to Kaynarca under construction)


Princes’ Islands

Sea buses


The Education in Kadikoy

Marmara University is one of the most famous buildings in Kadikoy also the University of Haydarpasa and the University of Yeditepe and the institution of the high education which is located in the southern of Kadikoy.


The region of Kadikoy is crowded with its shopping places even in the streets such as Baharya Street which is so popular with its seafood restaurants.
Besides Ottoman Aga mosque there are a lot of restaurants with variety kinds of food.
In Kadikoy there are also very popular modern shopping malls and the most famous one is Nautilus in the middle of kadikoy.

Real Estate

There are a lot of real estates in Kadikoy and a lot of students go there every year for their universities and many foreigners as well.
Kadikoy is a region filled with many avenues where nightclubs shops bars restaurants and cinemas can be found also the traditional Turkish restaurants which provided the Turkish food and the Turkish patisseries.
Istanbul toy museum is located in Kadikoy and it contains over 4000 toys collected from all over Turkey and from many other countries. Many of those toys have been found 200 years ago.

The coast places

Far from the center of Kadikoy some places such as Moda and Fenerbahce are considered as expensive places those places have many restaurants and shops near to the sea.

Moda is a historical area in Istanbul and it faced some economic problems but a complete development happened and most of the old buildings have been replaces to new ones and today many people consider it the most enjoyable place. Many churches schools and theaters are in Moda in Kadikoy.
Another popular and famous area in Kadikoy is Acibadem and it is very popular with its private hospitals.


Kadikoy has a lot of buildings which back to the Ottoman era. Many of old buildings have become shops and restaurants for seafood.


Kadikoy was always a place for all the religions especially the 3 religions Christianity Islam and Judaism. Many historical churches and mosques are still exist in Kadikoy.