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  • County: Kemerkemer map
  • Country: Turkey
  • Region: Mediterranean
  • Population (2010):  • Town 36 000 • Urban 21 000
  • 40 km International City Airport Antalya
  • Christal clear sea, stoney beach
  • Exclusive nightlife opportunities
  • Impressing Nature, Mountain and Sealife

Flight distances:

Europe: 3 hours

Moscow: 2:45 hours flight

London: 3:50 hours

Istanbul: 45 minutes

Website about Kemer:


Property in Kemer is experiencing a noticeable upturn in popularity. Kemer, a small town in the Antalya region on Turkey’s south-western Mediterranean coast benefits from a truly wonderful location.

Turkey’s coastline to the Mediterranean is vast with many wonderful towns and villages adorning it. Kemer is most definitely one of them, but it has the added benefit of being on the western side a sheltered enclave-like bay, which the Antalya region forms a horse-shoe around.

Kemer turkey property

This makes Kemer a sun-trap and means that the climate is not only hot all-day almost every day of the year, but that the nights are also sheltered and mild. The temperature in Kemer this week is 31 degrees centigrade, the kind of day that Brits love to get out there and sunbathe. So needless to say Brits love Kemer for its hot climate, and of course, Europeans being known as big buyers of overseas property, of course property in Kemer is a big seller with European buyers.

Kemer Property Primarily a Holiday Home

real estate kemer turkey

Though a small town, a large proportion of total hotel rooms in Antalya are located in Kemer. While rapidly rising tourism still threatens to outstrip hotel supply, and more people are creating their own package holidays online, Kemer property is still primarily looked at by those looking for a holiday home that earns, rather than purely an investment property.

 kemer turkey beach apartments

And who wouldn’t want a holiday home in Kemer? A town built around its attractiveness to tourists, Kemer has plenty of shops for those holiday essentials- including sunglasses, and a variety of dining options.

apartments kemerWhile there are plenty of places in Turkey for those in later life to meander round the quiet beaches and streets as the sun sets, Kemer is very much a place for those who love an active nightlife. The fact that world class performers like Tarkan and DJ Tiesto have given summer concerts on the coast really gives insight into Kemer’s personality. Contact us now to find out more about Kemer property for sale.