If you are looking for property in Istanbul with lake view in the European side of Istanbul, Kucukcekmece is the region that provides lake and sea view real estate in Istanbul for affordable prices.


It is a large suburb in Istanbul in the European side of the city. It is 23 km to the west of Marmara Sea beyond Ataturk airport. Its populations reached to 600 thousands in a land of 118 km.


Kucukcekmece meets the inlet of Avcilar and Istanbul University. There are channels attached to the Sea of Marmara which make the water not salty.


It was under every empire which ruled Istanbul. Until 1950 the district was known as a place for spending the vacations and the weekend. People were coming from Istanbul to Kucukcekmece by the train for swimming fishing and even just for setting in front of the sea while kids were playing in the gardens.
The ground of this area is flat and gradually many buildings have been built as well as industries.
In Ikitelli area there are a lot of industries in addition to a Nuclear Energy Research center.
Kucukcekmece is located 20 km to the west of Istanbul. In the middle of the lake a lighthouse has found it goes back to the Roman era.


The population in Kucukcekmece is growing fast which gives the opportunities for building more schools and shopping malls and many other public buildings. During the sunset a lot of people go out for walking at the lakeside and drink the famous Turkish tea which is offered a lot especially in Kucukcekmece.

The popular places in Kucukcekmece

The historical bridge is the most popular bridge in Kucukcekmece and it has built during the Ottoman era by the famous historical architect Sinan.
The development which happened to the district of Kucukcekmece is still going on because of the Turkish government which gives more attention to this district.