buy 4 bedroom apartment in antalya

Price: 337.000 Euro
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  • Price::
    337.000 Euro
  • Location:- Antalya
  • Property Type:Apartment
  • Bedrooms:4
  • Bathroom:2
  • Distance to Sea:1 km
  • Size:205 m2
  • Total Rooms:4+1
  • ID Nummer:anta146a


The great increase in development and investment in the city, alone with its location on the Mediterranean in addition to more features of the city, Those what made Antalya one of the most attracted cities in Turkey, visited by millions of tourists and investors from all over the globe, due to great governmental laws and changes.


Buy 4 Bedroom Apartment in Antalya. Modern property for sale in Antalya Konyaalti region.

The Residence consists of 4 blocks with 32 apartments for sale. All apartments have 4 large bedrooms. In the compound there is swimming pool, garden and high quality building and decorative materials. Total plot size is 5956 m2.



In the building which will be built with conventional reinforced concrete formwork systems, C 30 class will be used for high-strength concrete.

  • The building is built with a concrete raft foundation system.
  • Basic structure and scope of environmental storm water drainage system will be done.


Water, Sound and Heat Insulation:

  • Raft foundation under the basement floor of the outer walls and ceiling will be waterproof.
  • The wall between each separate apartments will be soundproof.



  • Techniques for proper heat and waterproofing coating made of tile or shingle roof.



• In accordance with the project partial exterior natural stone, wood-like ceramic tiles, natural wood or composite panels and A1 class fireproof material will be used.

  • Suitable tempered or laminated glass will be used on the balcony.


Block Inputs:

  • locked mailbox in the lobby area.
  • camera module in Block speech input, LCD intercom.
  • The appropriate entry in the architectural natural stone, natural stone look tile, marble flooring or equivalent shall be used.




• Climate-controlled, double glazing and insulated PVC joinery rehau or equivalent brand will be used.



  • Apartment entrance doors will be compatible with the decorations.
  • Internal doors should be wood siding and / or will be lacquered furniture door.



  • The places shown in the project (if applicable) coated wood suitable for decoration projects and / or lacquered cabinets cloakroom will be created.



  • Project based on a specially designed wood coated and / or lacquered kitchen cabinets, natural stone and / or acrylic counters will be made.
  • Built-in kitchen appliances (stove, oven, extractor hood or) Teka, Franke will be Siemens or equivalent.



  • Apartment interior in plasterboard or gypsum plaster ceiling water-based satin / plastic paint, decorative paint application will be made.



  • In accordance with features and size of the fire regulations, bricks, pumice or aerated concrete blocks to be used, appropriate water-based interior wall decoration in the project will be implemented satin paint on plaster.



  • High quality materials according to the decoration projects in bathrooms, local or imported ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and fittings will be used.
  • According to the type of apartment bathtub in the bathroom, flat shower or shower-grade system will be used and will be installed shower stall.
  • According to the cupboard under the sink or vanity basin hilton project will be used.


Living and Bedroom Floors:

  • domestic or imported laminate flooring application will be made on the screed.
  • Compatible with materials used in the interior door plinth will be made. 

Entrance, hallway, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Natural stones in apartments will be made of ceramic or laminate application.



  • Individual natural gas heating systems and hot water systems will be carried out will be installed in each apartment boiler.
  • All apartments Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daikin or equivalent and multi inverter air conditioning system will be installed.
  • against water cut offs and pressure failure, sufficient water storage and distribution system will be used.
  • Waste water and rainwater down pipes will be used quiet.


Fire Protection:

  • Turkey will take measures considering the Fire Protection Regulations.



  • Decorative set of switches and sockets are to be used, in accordance with the wiring and lighting infrastructure projects will be created.
  • All sockets will be used in residences will be grounded type.
  • Building and the National Broadcasting Satellite TV installations in private satellite systems will be installed infrastructure. User-decoder – receiver will be provided, if subscribed to satellite broadcasting and the National Broadcasting Private Satellite Systems will be monitored.
  • cables and pipes to be used shall comply with the Fire Code.
  • The apartments will be leakage relay.



• Large-volume, high-speed, targeted projects and ventilated according to the standard model and brand lift will be used.


Buy 4 Bedroom Apartment in Antalya


Property Type

  • Apartment
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