• Top 10 markets in istanbul
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Top 10 markets in istanbul

The best 10 markets in Istanbul

Some of us know many things about Istanbul and mostly you might heard about the Grand Bazaar and the spice market and you could be wondering when you know there are more than 200 markets in the middle of the city every week.
Everything you want exists in such bazaars and they include the fresh food markets which sell fruits and vegetables and you can shop for the leather products also the copper and handmade products. Also many markets for beans nut and textiles.

1 Fatih market

It is considered to be one of the largest and oldest markets in Istanbul. It opens every week on Wednesday between 5 am until 9 pm. The bazaar includes 1300 vendors and 4800 stalls on the old streets of Fatih and you can say literally you can find anything you want in this market. The products include everything from pets to the clothes vegetables and fruits the prices in this market are the best and it is not a tourism market and for that it is the best place to see the real life of Istanbul far from the touristic vision.

2 Yesilkoy Market

market in istanbul turkey

The name of this market means the green village and it is located in Leafy. This market is opened every Wednesday and a lot of high quality products can be found there. It is also a very good place for flowers.

3 Besiktas Market

It is one of the smallest markets and it is opened every Saturday it has 400 stalls and it is famous for the the clothes and jewelry. It is opened very early at the morning and closes in the afternoon.

4 Kadikoy Market

This market is opened on Thursday and Friday in Kadikoy in the Asian side of Istanbul. It is opened since 1969. Today this market is among the best markets in Istanbul and nowadays it is located in Fikirtepe. In total the marke includes 4000 stalls.

5  Spice Market

This market in Istanbul is famous for its the Egyptian spices. It is opened every day and it is attractive for many people and known with its colored stalls.

bazaar istanbul turkey6 Inebolu

The market is filled with food and it is located in Kasimpasa in the city center of Beyoglu. In this market there are many different kinds of vegetables and fruits with very good prices.

7 Beyazit

It is a paradise for those who are interested in reading books and includes more than 23 bookstores with many different kinds of books.

8 Bakirkoy

This large market makes the coast of Marmara looks bigger and it provides everything from clothes and accessories and handmade products and it has many craftsmen that come from the neighbor cities.

9 Tarlabasi

turkish market istanbul bazaarThis market is opened on Sunday and it delivers food. Many people come to this market for food and to buy the fresh cheap vegetables and fruits.

10 The Grand Bazaar

The most famous market in Istanbul as well it is the biggest and the largest one. The history of the market starts  500 years ago and it is usually the first destination for any tourist. It provides Turkish products and you can find almost anything you are looking for inside this market from accessories, clothes, jewellery. Location of the market is in the city center among a great number of restaurants and coffee shops .

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