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Places of interest Turkey

Places of interest Turkey

Places of interest Turkey : 11 must see places in Turkey

Every person who visited Turkey knows the Blue mosque and the beautiful beaches at the Mediterranean sea but be sure that there are a lot of places you have no idea about them or at least you didn’t know those places are located in Turkey. In this topic we will give you a list of those mysterious places which only a few know about them.

Turkey pamukkale1. Pamukkale

The beautiful complex stones in Pamukkale which seem as if they come from another world, it is located in an archeological site name Denizli. They have been constructed through many years from the carbonate deposits inside hot spring and streams. Some people come from all over the world just to look at this beautiful and mysterious place. Some say the water in this place is healing water.



nemrut dagi turkey2. Nemrut Dagi

This location is filled with ancient statues. A tomb has been discovered there and it has been said that this tomb goes back to the king Antiochus and it was structured in the first century. This place nears to Adiyaman in southeast of Turkey> the mountain includes many ancient statues for that king in addition to many other statues for Greek deities and animals such as lions and eagles. Nobody knows the secret of those strange statues and why they are located there.

3. Mount Ararat

ararat mountain turkeyIt is not just a dormant volcano but also held a great view. It is 5.137 high and it is the highest mountain in Turkey it is also higher than the Alps mountains with 4.810 meter which are located on the Iranian borders. In 2007 seven large woods was found near to the mountain those large woods are 4.800 years ago it is believed that those large woods were for the ark of Noah as mentioned in the in Bible.



turkey troyan horse4. The Trojan horse

Many people believe that Troy is a part of the myth of Odyssey but the fact is Troy is located in the northwestern of Turkey. According to the ancient poet Virgil after 10 years of the siege on Troy the Greeks built a huge wooden horse and lift it outside of the city gates nut the Trojans pulled it inside the city and then they discovered that inside the wooden horse the best Greek soldiers were hiding and destroyed the whole city. Today you can visit and see this great wooden horse and wonder about how the war looked like at that ancient time.

5. Avanos Hair Museum

This museum is one of the strangest places not only in Turkey but also worldwide. It includes names, addresses and hairs for more than 16.000 women around the world the founder of this museum was Potter Chez Galip. The museum is located in a cave in Cappadocia. The walls and ceiling of this museum are covered with hairs with many different colors.

turkey myra tomb6. Cappadocia’s cave houses

The town of Goreme is located in Cappadocia it looks weird and the houses into it were made of stones. Many of the residents in this place are living in stoned houses beneath the ground. The visitors in this place stay in hotels were structured out of stones. In this town an ancient Byzantine church is located underground. This town makes everyone amazed when visiting it.



7. The seven wonders

Turkey includes 2 of the ancient seven wonders which still exist. One of them is Mausoleum at Halicarnassus which was erected in the fourth century by ancient Greeks and because of its beauty it became so popular this place can still be seen in Bodrum though the structure itself has destroyed because of the earthquakes.
The second wonder is Artemis at Ephesus and it has re-built twice.

sandstone in mardin turkey8. Mardin’s Sandstone buildings

The buildings into this place were structured out of yellow chalk stones and the results became so wonderful.
Houses were decorated with different motifs they gave to the place an amazing view it is located in hilltop in southeast Turkey. Mardin originally dates back to 4000 years. Tourists nowadays started to be crowded there.



cappadocia turkey ancient houses9. Myra’s stone tombs

Anciently the most important men in the society built those tombs for themselves. Myra was a part of the Lycian empire. Currently visitors can see two groups of those tombs.



    trabzon sumela monstery10. Sumela Monastery

This Monastery with a beautiful view was erected 1600 years ago and nowadays it is a monastery for the Greek Orthodox and it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Its identification has been changed many times through history under rules of many emperors and leaders. It is located in the Altindere Valley at the Black sea. Nowadays it is a very touristic place than a religious one between now and then religious ceremonies happen.


11. Gemiler Island

This inhabitant island is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Fethiye. It is a wonderful place for spending the most relaxing and quiet time. the traditional name of the island means the island of the boats



Places of interest Turkey

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