Property location

The location of the property in Turkey that you would like to purchase is one of the most important factors. To be close to the shops, market area, beach, restaurants and bars is one of the main wishes of a purchaser. This advantage will always be the main point to effect the rental and investment potential of your property in the future.

Commonly you will find apartments of nearly same size, same number of bedrooms, same quality and in the same district ranging between 50,000-100,000 Euros. The main difference is  where the property is situated, does it have sea view and on which level of residence it is. You can find a ground floor apartment for 50.000 Euro, while you have to pay at least double the amount for a top floor apartment in the same building.

Ensure yourself that the location you have chosen is supported with good quality and efficient infrastructure.
Besides that, special hobbies like golf will always make an important difference in choosing the right location.

Another important factor is the distance from the property to the airport. It is clear why some people prefer to buy a house near the airport. They are tired of flying several hours overseas to reach their properties and do not wish to spend more time driving from the airport to their second homes.

Generally location is the main factor in making the decision and recommend our buyers get an inspection trip to observe different locations before the decision making. Usually buyers spend most of their time not in the apartment but in the area where it is located and if they wish to feel satisfied with their property they have to be happy with the location as well.

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