Residence permit in Turkey is extended for foreigners

According to the new law that allows all foreigners to purchase a property in Turkey, the duration of stay in the country for foreign buyers is extended to 1 year now, according to an announcement in the Official Gazette.

how to get residential permission in turkeyAs the demand on properties in Turkey grows, the Turkish government has approved a law that extends a duration of stay period. Before this law was approved, foreigners who hold real estate in Turkey could stay 3 month, but now residence permit visa is given for one year.

This law gives a right to extend a visa annually, as long as the property is not sold out by an owner of it.

All you have to do to get a one year visa is to give the address of the property that you own and to bring a few documents from your native country, like a criminal records.

get visa in turkeyThe government aims to bring more foreign investors in the real estate business by cancelling the reciprocity law and extending the period of stay in Turkey with a tourist visa, and also an easing the procedures for a residence permit.

With the law of residence permit, a significant increase of demand on Turkish properties is expected, regarding the real estate acquisition by foreigners in the real estate industry. From now on you are able to enjoy your life in sunny Turkey all the year round in your new property and settle down in a new house abroad.


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