• Town: SideSide map
  • County: Manavgat
  • Country: Turkey
  • Region: Mediterranean
  • Population (2012):  30.000
  • 75 km to International City Airport of Antalya
  • Full Beach and Sea access throughout, sandy beach
  • Exclusive nightlife opportunities
  • Full Town is adjusted to European Standards
  • 3 hours’ flight from Europe
  • Approximately 3:50 hours from London
  • From the Airport and Antalya to Side is 1 hour by car
  • From Istanbul  55 minutes flight distance to the Antalya Airport
  • 3 fares per hour flying between Istanbul and Antalya

side templeSide is situated between Antalya and Alanya cities. Side was an ancient city center and the name of it is translated from Anatolian language as pomegranate. The city was founded in 15 century A.D. and was ruled by Persians, Alexander The Great and Byzantium Kingdom. It was the important and strategic ancient trading harbour for many centuries.

Nowadays the “must see” place of interest in Side is the Temple of Apollo, located on the waterfront and assures an ideal photo. The antique amphitheater was built in second century and is also worth seeing, it is rated as on of the best preserved theaters in the world with seats for 20.000 people. In the summer time you can visit the amphitheater and enjoy the evening show with professional dancers and musicians.

aspendos side

aspendos show






Close to the amphitheater you will find an antique bathhouse where, according to the legend, Antony and Cleopatra also have been.

side beachIn Side you can enjoy sunbathing at 3 kilometres long sandy beaches. You will be impressed with the clean golden beaches and warm blue water, that look like on the picture. Side has for you different kinds of beaches, you can find shallow water that is perfect for children, more private beaches with less ammount of tourists and wherever you stay, you can be sure that even in high season there are places to sunbathe and amazing views on the mountains are always there.