• The most common questions about moving to Turkey with children
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The most common questions about moving to Turkey with children

Most of families from many different countries around the world come to Turkey to buy properties and live in Turkey with their children. Many of those families ask many questions about Turkey and living in Turkey. And the most common questions are.

Is Turkey safe?

It depends on the concept of safety for everyone. Turkey is like any other country in the world has its own problems. Crimes in Turkey are rare however it is important to know the statistics. Let’s make a comparison between USA and UK with Turkey. Last year the statistics showed that from 4.1 to 5 reports have published about normal to extreme crimes and Turkey comes in 3.3 per 100.000 of those crimes. In the south cities where most of the tourists located crimes are almost not exist and they are the most safe places more than the large cities in Turkey

What about education in Turkey

In large cities such as Bodrum and Antalya the Turkish schools are modern you can choose for your children private or local school. The parents who put their children in the local schools have said positive things about the education system in Turkey. The only obstacles which the parents faced are when they had to help their children with the homework. The Turkish schools start to teach the children how to seal by small boats for children and they spend most of the time outdoor with their teachers to learn about nature and history beside other more activities.

Will we become part of the community?

It is a common thing which for most of the foreigners who live abroad to separate your children from their original society and the family live but you find that the Turkish society is very welcominglife in turkey for families and societies  and you can make a strong relationship with them more than any other country. The Turkish society is naturally friendly and helpful if you made an effort to know them you will find a great welcoming from them. Turkish language helps to know them more and in the big places you can find a lot of Turkish people speak English.

What about the Turkish language?

It is known that children who came from different culture can be adopted very quickly with the new societies and they can make new friends so easy in the schools and also local friends. Usually children are more intelligent than adults in this. That will help them learn the language more quick. Children over 10 years can still have the ability to learn more Turkish language faster.

Is Turkey clean? Can we drink clean water?

The big cities in Turkey such as Bodrum and Antalya are totally clean and the Turkish Government takes care of it continually and takes care of the streets and takes off the rubbish always. Water is clean to drink unless if you are planning to go to one of the small Turkish villages. The medical facilities also are very excellent and cheap and if you faced any problem with your children you will be in good hands

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