The most popular areas of Antalya for purchasing a property

Many people wonder why property in Antalya has such a high demand among foreigners? The answer is quite simple: it is promoted by a number of factors, such as the presence of an international airport and a short flight, excellent infrastructure of the city, absolutely reasonable prices and good quality. All this attracts a growing number of foreigners as to the rest, and for permanent residence.

Antalya is surrounded on the south side by the sea, and from the north by the mountains, so nowadays it doesn’t grow in width anymore, but in length, and, for example, the village of Beldibi, which used to be located in more than forty kilometers from Antalya, is already included in the city limits. As the real estate market grows fast, real estate developers make different kinds of service to buyers like alterations to apartments under construction, as well as participation in the selection of materials for building apartments up to your taste. After living in the apartment for some time, you can refer to the developer with a request to do a cosmetic renovation of apartment. And finally, if you eventually want to sell your apartment and buy another one, you can always refer to our agency, and we will exchange your apartment on a brand new, that will be better and built on the latest technology and using the most modern materials. You do not have to worry about selling their apartment, as the demand on it is very high here.

Particularly in demand is land in Turkey now, the price of which, especially in the immediate vicinity of the sea, began to grow by leaps and bounds. So now it is very profitable to invest in the land and in the residential and commercial real estate.

The most popular areas of Antalya to purchase real estate in Antalya are now a few areas that are popular in terms of purchase of real estate by foreigners. First of all, the area called Konyaalti, an area that is located on the west of Antalya in the immediate vicinity of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. This is caused by factors such as the beautiful clean Blue Flag beach, stretching for 15 miles, beautiful views of the sea and the mountains, the availability of the necessary infrastructure, including cafes, restaurants, shops, discos and bars, as well as the city’s largest shopping and entertainment center “Migros”. Selection of properties in Antalya is quite broad: from low-cost apartments in detached homes to luxury apartments in prestigious residential complexes with developed infrastructure, which includes adult and children’s swimming pools, auto parking, fitness and sauna, video surveillance and security.

If you decide to buy an apartment in this area, please contact Maximos Real Estate agency, and we will gladly help you to make the most successful purchase!

The most popular areas of Antalya to purchase property is also a popular area for foreign investors, the historic center of Antalya, Kaleici, where the demand for real estate is always high, as you can buy, renovate and then resell to great advantage for a luxurious mansion, cottage or House XVIII-XIX centuries. These suggestions are always tempting to large investors – and fans of old antiques.

Nowadays with unprecedented speed grows another new area of ​​Antalya – Lara is with its high buildings, lots of clinics and hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes.

Lara is the business center of Antalya and the area of ​​business activity. Representatives and offices of major companies are located here, so now in residential real estate in high demand in Lara are offices and warehouse spaces, and other commercial real estate in Turkey.

The construction boom is going through at the moment is the youngest region of Antalya – Kundu, located to the east of the city. Here are the most luxurious hotels in the region (Mardan, Venice, Dolphin, Titanic, Rixos, Venice, etc.). Construction of hotels and mini-hotels are ongoing, so you can always make a profitable investment in commercial real estate in Turkey, which will be for you a very profitable investment, as well as to purchase an apartment in a newly built residential complex.

Maximos Real Estate will consult you about all regions and properties in all most profitable areas to purchase real estate in Antalya, and where purchase the property of your dream is only up to you!

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