Title Deed Turkey 2013

Dear property buyers in Turkey!

We are pleased to announce you the great news : the Turkish authorities have abolished the need to wait for permission from the Military Department in Izmir , which was necessary for all foreigners to get Tapu (document confirming the right of ownership of the property). According to the new law, which makes the buying procedure much more easier, will not make anybody more waiting or worring about receiving the Title Deed.

After the approval of the new law, all citizens of Europe, USA, Arabic and other countries have the right to obtain Title Deed at the Cadastral Management on the same rights as the citizens of Turkey.

Before that the documents were being sent to the Military Department to check if your property is not built close to the military zones or strategic units.

Nowadays if the resolution on the object received at least  by one foreigner representing his own country , all citizens of the same country receive the Title Deed within 5-10 days. This law is already been signed and published on the official website of the General Land Registry Office of Turkey. Now, even the most skeptical to the paperwork buyers can get Tapu in the shortest time.

And we are always happy to help you with the other formalities.