Top 10 reasons to visit Turkey

Top 10 reasons to come to Turkey

Turkey is among the top 10 most popular touristic destinations of the world. If you are still wondering “Why Turkey?”, the following information about the country will identify a number of reasons why Turkey is the best place to have holiday and invest.

1. Paradise for those who love sea and the beaches
turkey sea and nature

turkey best beach

The unique Mediterranean climate that prevails in the southern areas of the country allows you to enjoy the summer weather for six months a year.

This concerns, first of all, Antalya and Bodrum – Turkey’s most famous beach resorts. It offers beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

2. Rich history of Turkey
history of turkey, places to visit in turkey

turkey history

Do you know that Turkey has more archaeological places of interest than any other country in the world? Anatolia – the place where they were born many civilizations, empires, historical figures and legends. One of the oldest currently known areas of human habitation dating 6500 BC is located in the town of Çatal in Konya. Ephesus (Temple of Artemis), the city of Troy, Cappadocia Cave and the church of St. Peter – are just a few of the many historical attractions that you will see in Turkey.

3. Luxury hotels in Turkey
antalya turkey hotels

best hotels turkey

Turkey is known for the most luxurious hotels and boutique hotels in the world. Especially a lot of them are located in Antalya region. The wealth and extravagance of these hotels are unique. On the other hand in Turkey you can always find a comfortable hotel at a reasonable price due to fierce competition among travel agencies.


4. Shopping in Turkey
grand bazaar turkey

turkey shopping

Souvenirs, carpets, rugs, tapestries are very popular among tourists. In Turkey there are a lot of shopping centers, but tourists mostly go shopping to bazaars, the history of most of which dates back to several centuries. At Turkish bazaars you can find unique items and bargain with vendors.

5. Culture of Turkey
culture of turkey

turkey culture

The population of Turkey is a mix of different nationalities and it is seen when you visit different areas of the country. Each region has its own traditions, crafts, art, music and folklore, cuisine and even each province is unique. Even though all the people of Turkey are proud to call themselves Turks, multicultural environment that has developed the country makes it only richer.

6. Turkish cuisine
food in turkey

turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world. It is a blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Culinary delights of Turkey are Turkish tea, Turkish coffee and the famous Turkish sweets. You will find them in any part of Turkey. The most delicious kebab made in the south-eastern regions of the country. Before the main dishes are usually served «Meze» – incredibly small portions of delicious dishes. The most common alcoholic beverage in Turkey is called «Raki»- vodka infused with anise seeds. Fish occupies an important place in Turkish cuisine. The best fish restaurants and cafes are located near the bays.

7. The Turkish Bath – Hammam

While your visit to Turkish you should definitely go to a Turkish bath. Hammam will help you to relax, relieve stress, get rid of negative energy and calm the nerves. Turkish Spa is also a popular tourist destination as this procedure combines the traditional Turkish bath with Far Eastern traditions, such as the use of special types of aromatherapy and massage.

8. Active outdoor facilities
higing in turkey

nature turkey

If you are a fan of beautiful scenery and outdoor activities in Turkey you will find everything needed. Hiking trips, mountain biking, rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, paragliding, sailing, skiing, jet ski – this is an incomplete list of the most popular outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Turkey. Golf has also become popular in Turkey in the recent years, particularly in Belek (Antalya).

9. Opportunities for business development
invest in turkey real estate

investment turkey

The Turkish economy is one of the largest in the world. The country offers excellent opportunities for business development and real estate investments. Your holiday in Turkey can be more efficient if you combine leisure and business.

10. The relatively small expenses
turkish currency

currency in turkey

The national currency of Turkey is Turkish lira. It is weaker than the euro and the dollar in terms of purchasing power. And therein lies the advantage for the tourists who exchange their dollars or euros to the Turkish lira. Tip: exchange foreign currency into the Turkish Lira immediately upon arrival in Turkey and pay everything in TL.