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Turkey 2015

If you want to buy property in Turkey you may be interested in the general information of the country and how you can live and travel in this beautiful country where you can have your new dream home in Turkey.

Turkey is safe

Turkey is one of the safest places in Europe. The press is full of headlines about the unrest in the Middle East, but it has nothing to do with Turkey.

Most travelers speak of the Turks as a friendly and hospitable people. Indeed, Turkey is not only friendly, but also as safe as Europe and North America.

Turkey is popular resort and business destination

Turkey is nowadays the seventh most popular tourist destination in the world. And the country is constantly improving the level of service, range of services and entertainment.

The most expensive time to make a trip to Istanbul is April-May and September-October, on the seaside resorts – in July and August.

The prices are getting cheaper in off season from November to March.

If you are traveling in a couple it will be cheaper for you (because you can split one hotel room for two and take one taxi instead of two). Daily expenses during the trip include spending on accommodation, food, transportation, and travel together can save up to 35% of the budget.

Turkey has a large territory

The size of the territory of Turkey is on the 37th place among 235 countries of the world. It is more than France, Germany, Poland, Syria, New Zealand and most other countries, more than Texas, and almost twice as much of California. Therefore trip to Turkey could take a long time.

If you go to Turkey for the first time and want to have time to see as much as possible, then come here at least 14 days.

In that case, if the trip is planned for the period from 1 to 5 days, it is better to make acquaintance with one Turkish city or region.

Transport in Turkey

The airways of Turkey fly between all major cities of Turkey and all the world, which is useful when traveling long distances, and is relatively inexpensive (cost of most tickets is within 189 lira per one way of travel and 250 lire per round-trip ticket) .

Major airlines are Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Atlasjet, Anadolu Jet, Pegasus Air and Sun Express are constantly introducing new routes.

Thousands of modern and comfortable bus services runs between the cities of Turkey every day. This method of transportation is preferred by the majority of Turks. Buses run frequently and on most of the routes is not necessary to book tickets in advance.

As for the trains, it is especially convenient for those who travel between Istanbul and Ankara, which is running a high-speed express.

In addition to all of the above, you can also travel by ferry, cruise boat, rent a car.

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