Top 10 best cities to live for foreigners in Turkey

Top 10 best places to live in Turkey for foreigners

In the recent years Turkey has earned an excellent reputation in the field of tourism thanks to its beautiful nature, rich culture and a big amount of historical monuments. The Turks are people that have hospitality

Turkey has impressed already so many foreign tourists that they decided to move and live here. Every day the number of foreigners residing in Turkey is increasing. Among them are many Arabs, Germans, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, British, Iranian, French and Belgians.

If you want to move to live to Turkey you should choose the city with a well-developed infrastructure.

There are certain areas and cities in Turkey that are the most popular among the citizens of other countries. Those who are going to move to Turkey permanently, should use the experience of other foreigners and live in those parts of Turkey where already happily many other foreigners live.

So where in Turkey you should live as a foreigner?

The top 10 best places to live in Turkey for foreigners

1. Antalya

real estate antalya turkey

Antalya city is highly preferred for investment and residency by foreigners from all around the world.

The city is located on the Mediterranean coast and is very popular among tourists.

In Antalya, there is lots of greenery and spectacular scenery that is especially attractive to residents. Historical, archaeological and architectural places of interest are presented here in a big amount. Among the most famous of them – a minaret Yivli, Murat Pasha mosque, old clock tower, the old town of Kaleici.

There are a lot of shopping malls in Antalya so you will always find everything you need in this city with rich infrastructure.



2. Istanbul

istanbul turkey real estateIstanbul is the most well-known and the most popular city in Turkey. Int Istanbul city both locals and foreigners buy properties and live. It is not surprising that this economic megapolis of Turkey is overpopulated. Those foreigners who are involved in business and economics, live in Istanbul because that is the financial center of the country. Even if you are not buying property in Istanbul for business purpose, property growth in Istanbul is high and your investment in Istanbul will be very profitable. Moreover Istanbul is a city with a rich old history.



3. Alanya

alanya turkey real estateAnother popular city among foreigners is a suburb of Antalya- Alanya. In addition to beautiful nature, Alanya is famous for its exquisite fish restaurants, historical buildings and hotels, where travelers return again and again. Many foreigners enjoy their holiday in sunny Alanya and like to buy their own house in Alanya and enjoy this beautiful city all the year round.




4. Kemerkemer turkey real estate

Beaches, sea marinas, restaurants – that’s the most popular place in Kemer, one of the largest yacht harbors in Turkey. Near the town are the ruins of the famous ancient city. Kemer’s beaches and 5 star hotels are preferred by thousands of foreign buyers. The peaceful sounds of the surf on long sandy beaches help to forget about all the daily routine.



5. Belek

belek turkey real estate



This relatively new touristic hot spot in Turkey Antalya province has become one of the most popular places for residence of foreigners. Belek is located in the Mediterranean region on the east of Antalya. It is a paradise for foreigners who love nature and the sea, as well as sports such as golf.





side turkey real estate

6. Side

Side is a small town situated on a tiny peninsula. Side is proud to present the museums, historical and cultural attractions. In Side there is an ancient Temple of Apollo and the Roman amphitheater. Nightlife in Side is presented by many night clubs, restaurants and bars. Despite the fact that the city is limited in size, this is a place for foreigners both good for residency and investment.






7. Bodrum

bodrum turkey real estate



Bodrum is extremely popular among foreigners. Bodrum is located on the ancient city Halicarnassus, so there are many historical monuments. Foreigners choose Bodrum for the excellent infrastructure, as well as the picturesque beaches that surround the area.



8. Yalova

yalova turkey real estateYalova is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, in the eastern coast of Marmara Sea.

The city has thermal resorts and beautiful beaches. The city is located close to megapolis Istanbul which can be reached both by land and sea by using ferry boat.

The city is promising a quiet life for travelers and foreign investors.



9. Kalkan

kalkan turkey real estate

Kalkan is one of the most beautiful places in all of Turkey. Kalkan is located on the bay, surrounded by mountains and hills. Mostly all properties in the city of luxurious enough to ensure life with the utmost comfort. Most private houses surrounded by its own gardens, balconies, and terraces. Around the city there are forests, mountains, canyons, gorges, mountain streams. Nearby there are also the historical sites Tlos and Kekova.


10. Kusadasikusadasi turkey real estate

The small and cozy town with an ideal climate, situated on the bay. Real estate here is relatively not expensive, which also makes the city popular among the foreigners. As almost the entire territory of Turkey, Kusadasi scattered around the ruins of ancient cities.