Why you should buy property in Turkey?

Why you should buy property in Turkey?

There are many answers on this question, buy many people who plan to buy property in Turkey are asking it to themselves.
For sure you have already heard about the 300 days of sunshine per year in Turkey, moderate value of real estate in Turkey, airports that are opened all the year long and have direct flights from your home country to many cities of Turkey and as well a favorable visa regime. To this list we decided to add a couple of points.

1. In Turkey it is easy to live

How much does it take to make connection of water and light in your homecountry? Whether you like it or not it will take you a couple of weeks. In Turkey it can be done in a few hours and the most important is that everything is simple and clear: go to the governmental office, take a ticket for a little wait and then apply a number and the necessary documents into the box and you will be given all required documents on your own name. That’all. The same structure works if you go to the foreign police, tax office and other government agencies. Everything works like a bank and if there is some problem, it will be solved within a day.

The service sector in Turkey is at the highest level. Order house cleaning? No problem. Rent a car? – Please! The takeaway? – A maximum of half an hour waiting. Want to green the garden ? Call landscape designer: he will drive you to the villa and make the project according to all of your wishes. After a few days your garden will be like a new one.

All kinds of services you wish to have are high quality.
2 . Long bathing season

The first advantage of owning a property in Turkey is an easy access to the seaside whenever you come to your second home in Turkey. For example in Antalya city bathing season lasts 7 months- from April till October. By the way Antalya is a well-known resort in winter time as well. Snowy mountains and blue sea, you can choose yourself what you would like to do. If you enjoy skiing, you can have a 2-hours drive to Saklikent or Davraz ski resorts. These are the modern ski resorts with all required facilities that you need on vacation in the mountains.

It’s very quiet and peaceful in the Antalya city winter season, the air is clean and mostly it is warm and the sun shines.  If you stay at the seaside you can sunbathe though the water temperature is not propreate for swimming.




3 . Profitable investment

Real estate market in Turkey is developing very dynamically. The cost of real estate in Turkey depends on the region. Not all regions are developing good, but good Turkish real estate agencies know better what the city can offer you the best.

The most popular region of Turkey for buying property and making vacation is Antalya. 10 years ago Antalya was a small, peaceful town without huge shopping and entertainment centers. Today it is a city of a million people that has everything : shopping centers, Metro, Zoo, Dolphinarium … According to the reports of analysts, Antalya in a couple of years will become the third largest city in Turkey with a developed infrastructure and transport connections.

We told you about a few more advantages of buying property in Turkey. Hope that we helped you with decision of buy a property in this beautiful country. Do not hesitate! After all with buying a property in Turkey you will make not only a good investment, but also enjoy yourself and your loved ones a memorable vacation moments and vivid impressions. Cold gray winter metropolis or fabulous sunny Turkey? Your choice.