• Real Estate Investment Law to Grant Turkish Citizenship
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  • Real Estate Investment Law to Grant Turkish Citizenship
  • Real Estate Investment Law to Grant Turkish Citizenship The Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment. The Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment. The law was amended by the Turkish government on 18/09/2018. The most important provisions..
  • Experts in Real Estate market in Turkey
  • The number of foreign property investors is increasing in Turkey while price for the real estate in Turkey are growing and each year the amount of the properties sold to the foreigners is going on to increase. The annual increase The property prices in Istanbul has increased in 2015 by 29%..
  • 10 Reasons to Invest in Turkey
  • If you are looking for investment properties in Turkey, find residential and commercial real estate for sale in Turkey with Maximos Real Estate. 1. Economic achievements of Turkey 2. Population 3. Qualified and competitive workforce 4. Liberal and reformist investment climate 5...
  • How to buy a property in Turkey
  • In this article we guide you step by step and give you advises before you have your properties in Turkey. Buy a property out of your country is not really the same as if you would buy it in your country. We are totally understanding the whole concepts of the buying process for real estate in..
  • Top 10 best cities to live for foreigners in Turkey
  • Top 10 best places to live in Turkey for foreigners In the recent years Turkey has earned an excellent reputation in the field of tourism thanks to its beautiful nature, rich culture and a big amount of historical monuments. The Turks are people that have hospitality Turkey has impressed already..
  • Top 10 reasons to visit Turkey
  • Top 10 reasons to come to Turkey Turkey is among the top 10 most popular touristic destinations of the world. If you are still wondering "Why Turkey?", the following information about the country will identify a number of reasons why Turkey is the best place to have holiday and invest. 1...
  • Turkey 2015
  • If you want to buy property in Turkey you may be interested in the general information of the country and how you can live and travel in this beautiful country where you can have your new dream home in Turkey. Turkey is safe Turkey is one of the safest places in Europe. The press is full of..
  • Property prices growth Istanbul Turkey
  • Property prices in Istanbul has grown last year by 20% According to the recently published report of the global property guide magazine, the average cost of property per square meter in Istanbul has increased by 20% during the period from March 2014 to March 2015. The level of real estate..
  • New law on Foreigners to get Residence in Turkey
  • Turkish government passed the new law on foreigners. [caption id="attachment_22817" align="alignleft" width="310"] residence permit turkey[/caption] Now foreigners who have already property in Turkey or plan to purchase have new conditions for obtaining a residence permit. You no longer need to..
  • Esenyurt Istanbul’s new real estate hot spot

  • Esenyurt- Istanbul’s new real estate hot spot Property prices began to rise in Istanbul Esenyurt region.

In 2013 the price in Esenyurt region for 1 m2 was approximately 1.600 liras, nowadays in 2015 it is almost double that. Today the prices in Istanbul city center depending on the region..
  • Istanbul Properties in European Side
  • Istanbul Properties in European Side Nowadays Real Estate market in Istanbul is growing each day both in quality and prices. However the prices on properties in Istanbul are still lower than in Europe. Istanbul is among the five fastest growing markets in the world. Only in 2013, property..
  • Boğaçay Project in Antalya Marina
  • Boğaçay Project in Antalya Marina The new project in Antalya Marina is one of the most prestigious projects not only in Turkey, but also in the world. Nowadays the river Boğaçay has an area of 800 km2, the main idea of the project is to deepen the river and to make a yacht port. Today the..
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